First larger code - review appreciated

Hi, with the help of my friend, I wrote my first larger piece of code in Rust - the implementation of the RTDE protocol used in communication with Universal Robots robots. I'm sure I did a lot of beginner mistakes, so if someone could spend some time reviewing it, I'll appreciate it.

It's available as a Github PR for review at Implementation for review. by mikolajz · Pull Request #1 · mikolajz/ur_rtde · GitHub .

The code is relatively large (2.5k lines), but is divided into three layers as described in the, so can be reviewed one after another. The also contains pointers to things I know are missing (like good error handling), but I'm sure there is quite a few I don't know :slight_smile: .

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It would be great if "cargo clippy" warnings could be fixed


Nice tool. I've fixed the warning (except for one in where I'm not sure how to fix it - left a comment with a note)

You can also format code by running "cargo fmt" :slight_smile:


I made a couple comments on GitHub. It's too much code for me to digest in one go, but I noticed that most of my comments (e.g. about stuttering module names, eta-reducible unnecessary closures, or matching on booleans) could have been caught by Clippy had you used a less lenient setting. I suggest you to turn on the following lints and then re-run Clippy:

#![deny(clippy::correctness, clippy::complexity, clippy::style,
        clippy::perf, clippy::cargo,
        clippy::create_dir, clippy::else_if_without_else, clippy::exit,
        clippy::filetype_is_file, clippy::float_cmp_const, clippy::get_unwrap,
        clippy::inline_asm_x86_att_syntax, clippy::let_underscore_must_use,
        clippy::lossy_float_literal, clippy::map_err_ignore,
        clippy::mem_forget, clippy::missing_docs_in_private_items,
        clippy::multiple_inherent_impl, clippy::panic_in_result_fn,
        clippy::rc_buffer, clippy::rest_pat_in_fully_bound_structs,
        clippy::shadow_same, clippy::str_to_string, clippy::string_add,
        clippy::string_to_string, clippy::unneeded_field_pattern,
        clippy::unwrap_in_result, clippy::unwrap_used,
        clippy::verbose_file_reads, clippy::wildcard_enum_match_arm)]
#![warn(clippy::dbg_macro, clippy::decimal_literal_representation,
        clippy::panic, clippy::print_stderr, clippy::print_stdout,
        clippy::todo, clippy::unimplemented, clippy::use_debug)]
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