Finding index of maximum value


I am creating a function to convert RGB values to HSL, which requires me to determine whether R, G, or B is the largest. I would prefer to avoid loops as much as possible, since this will need to run on every pixel and a loop would make it significantly slower.

I created the following snippet:

    let binding = rgb.0.clone();
    let max = binding

    let min = rgb.0

However, it always returns 0 as the min and 2 as the max, which I expected as a consequence of using .enumerate(). I just don't know how to make it actually work. What is the fastest way to properly find the index?

(Also, I'll probably get rid of the .unwrap() later since I know it's best avoided, I'm just trying to make it work in general first)

Thank you :3

Call .max_by_key(|(_idx, &val)| val).

How the hell did I not see that?? Thank you!

(Also, tiny correction to your answer, just in case a newbie comes along and is confused: _idx, &val needs to be wrapped in parentheses)

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