Finding a team player to build an open source database - SolomonDB!

What is SolomonDB?

Hi there, I have been building this open source project for a month and I am finding contributors to join me. The project is called SolomonDB. It is a graph database that supports GQL (Gremlin Query Language) and integrate with multiple storage engine like RocksDB, Redb and TiKV. The plan is to finish Gremlin step handler and implement distributed database transaction with Raft. You can find more about a project here:

How to contribute?

You can check the issues page of SolomonDB.

Or contact me directly throught my

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Implement steps: as_(), addE(), E()

  • as_(): add steps as alias.
  • addE(): add new edge
  • e(): traverse edges

Example test

let edge = db
		.property("name", "chungquantin")
		.property("name", "tin-snowflake")

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