Find data type of a number

how to find the data type of a number and print

In Rust, the type of every expression is known at compile-time. If you use an IDE or editor plug-in like rust-analyzer then your editor can display the types for you.

Integer literals like 5 can be of any integral type. The type of the literal expression will be inferred from context. If the context doesn't constrain the type at all, the default is i32. The default type for a floating-point literal like 5.0 is f64.

You can assign an expression to a variable and provide a type annotation if you want to control the type. This will also print an error message if the expression is of some other type:

let x: i64 = my_value;  // compiler error if `my_value` has a different type

On nightly, you can also use type_name_of_val to print the type of a value at run-time (with some limitations).

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