File: is `Read::read_vectored`, always a single call to `readv`

We've been having a discussion in the fuser crate about the guarantees provided by std::fs::File on UNIX. The current implementation as it stands means that a single call to Read::read_vectored corresponds to a single call to readv. Similarly for Write::write_vectored and writev:

This is an important property for us as the FUSE device doesn't behave like a regular file in that it atomically delivers a single message with each read. Similarly replies must be sent atomically with a single call to writev

So the question is: is this 1 to 1 read_vectored to readv property guaranteed into the future, at least with std::fs::File and on Linux, MacOS and the BSDs? or should we wrap the file and call libc::writev and libc::readv ourselves?

It's not guaranteed to use readv in the sense that if readv2 existed it could use that, but the docs of read_vectored state:

This method must behave equivalently to a single call to read with concatenated buffers.

So I'm pretty sure that you can rely on the reads/writes being atomic.

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