with Rust

I have now a rust Project in my Ubuntu - Works
I have made a GTK GUI with Glade and saved it to
i have GTK v3_22 in the dependencies in the Rust project - works i can display a window

now how can i display the GUI from Glade with my Rust program
and how can i give my nodes in the GUI event handler like in Java
llike how can i address the nodes in the GUI from my rust project

Have you seen the gtk-rs glade tutorial?

However, Glade is not recommend for GTK any more:

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i have couple of knowledge about programming languages and so on algorithm blabla...back end stuff...and rust seems for me like a logical language thats why i wanted to learn it by myself the issue was that rust has no GUI librarys like javafx yet so what do you recommend as a GUI tool that works with rust? im not like hardly focused on GTK i just want to make a GUI in addition to my program

If you are willing to check out other GUI libraries, I happen to have come across this article recently, it compares the most popular crates pretty well: A Survey of Rust GUI Libraries | boringcactus

I must admit I also find GTK to be a good default choice on Unix-like platforms because of its familiar API. I haven't extensively tried many other Rust-specific libraries, though.

Another good resource to check out from time to time is Are We GUI Yet?.


FLTK, mentioned in that article, also has an interface designer that is not deprecated:

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ive read now about the both gtk articles and i understand the poins,
for my use glade supports enough the GUI for me atleast for now.
Where do i have to put my glade file?
i have my toml files and my src folder with adn where should i put the xml file then ?

Well, that's a blog post from a developer that is neither a Gtk developer neither a GNOME one and reflects his own experience, not those projects policies.

IMHO, Glade is still a great option to develop Gtk apps and developing them using Rust is, in fact, quite pleasant.

where do i have to put the glade file taht its readable in my project like where do i have to put it

If you read the tutorial that @kornel linked, the .glade file gets pulled in via include_str. So you can put the file anywhere you want, as long as you pass an appropriate path to include_str.

the path was the problem not the include :smiley:
normally for example a java program doesnt find any paths that are outside of the current path except you really try hard

From the include_str documentation:

The file is located relative to the current file (similarly to how modules are found).

So a possible layout would be

|- Cargo.toml
|- src/

and then use include_str!("../") in

thanks i get it so its similiar to java that the current path is the root point

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