Ferris the Crab Plushies

I can't find the original forum post, but @edunham had a blog post to make a plushie Ferris the crab :crab:.

I asked at work if anyone could make it, and now I have two :smile::



PSA: edunham told the assembled rustaceans at RustFest that she'll be doing a kickstarter where you can order lots of them.


That's great! (and not only because it cost a bit to get these ones made :joy:)

Only a couple years later, DevSwag has them now: Rust Ferris Plushie | DevSwag


I just bought four. Don't know who I'll give them to yet, but best to be prepared.


Is there a way to get one?

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Heads up, they're currently back in stock! Rust Ferris Plushie | DevSwag

And they're out again. If you missed it, add your email to be notified next time. Here's their update:

NEW 2022 UPDATE : We received several hundred pieces on August 17th, but they sold out within hours ! TBD if we make more, but add your name to the list (first time or again) if interested so we can estimate the interest and see if it's plausible.

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There is another producer of handmade Ferris plushies (but I don't know if they ship out of France): Crabe Ferris du langage RUST peluche en coton au crochet - Boutique crochet tricot e-commerce artisanat fait main Crochet et Geek Doomyflocrochet


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