Feedback on work stealing fork-join library

Hello community!

I have been creating a fork-join library based on a work stealing algorithm. I have released a couple of versions and realized that the best way to improve it would be to ask people for feedback. Both on the API design/expressiveness and code quality. So if you are interested in parallelism in Rust and have some divide and conquer style algorithm, give my library a shot and please tell me what you think about it.

Published on Repo and documentation can be found there as well:

Examples of how the library can be used is in the readme/documentation as well as in the tests in the repository.

A not very documented or stable, but quite useful benchmarking suite based on my own fork of can be found in the following repository:

Warning: Library only work on nightly. Benchmarking suite does not work with the latest nightly, I use 2015-05-14

Happy parallelization.