Feedback on Error Handling

I'm trying to wrap my head around errors, results, match, ?, and so forth. The code seems to work, mostly, but I feel like I'm missing something.

Not sure why I need to n.unwrap() on line 30 in order to println! on line 31.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Code is at rust_error_handling/ at main · beephsupreme/rust_error_handling · GitHub

Because n is the return value of get_int(), which has type Result<usize, MyError>. Your match is a no-op in the Ok case, since you throw away its value. You probably wanted to assign it to a variable.

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fn main() {
    let n = match get_int() {
        Ok(n) => n,
        Err(e) => panic!("{}: {}", e, "Could not get n"),

    println!("{}", n);

match doesn't modify things in place. But it is an expression that can "return" a value for you to assign.

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