Feedback on a mental model to help teach Rust's async design

A year ago I created a small mdbook trying to explain Futures and rusts async story in some detail. It kind of sums up everything I felt I needed to understand myself.

Based on suggestions and feedback I've tried to focus more of the book on building a useful mental model of how Futures and runtimes in Rust work together in addition to all the technical details that's already there.

I've found that task quite challenging, but I dedicated to build this model using a combination of code, visual aids and comments in a new chapter I added:

Now, I'm hoping to get some help by the community in the form of feedback on:

  • Do you think the chapter represent a "correct enough" mental model for it to be useful to teach others?
  • Do you spot anything that is incorrect to the point that it might give the user a wrong mental model?

I felt I needed an extra quality check on this one since it's a balance of creating a model that is easy and clear enough to understand while still keeping it correct enough that it's actually helpful. My worry is to work on this in isolation without enough discussion and present it without enough feedback first.


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