Feature Request: update Disourse settings to whitelist "doc.rust-lang.org" for "nofollow"-links

Continuing the discussion from How to COMPLETELY disable all Rust safety checks?:

In the above-linked topic, @scottmcm reminds us that Discourse puts nofollow attributes on all user-posted links.
This is a sensible default setting, to prevent spammers from abusing our forum to harvest “link-juice”.

@notriddle refers to the Discourse documentation on the nofollow-feature (great link, thanks @notriddle :heart:), where it says


  • Whitelisted domains (and subdomains) - admins can whitelist the domains they wish to associate with their site, and should include the domain of their own site.

I believe it would be a good idea to nofollow-whitelist doc.rust-lang.org/*, and potentially other rust-lang.org domains as well (list to be bikeshedded)

For doc.rlo, this will make sure that documentation pages that are often linked (and thus apparently hard to find by searching/valuable/worth discussing/etc.) float more to the top of future user’s search results, thus helping them before they even ask a question here.

(Edit: added Wikipedia link for “nofollow”, for the (common?) case people don’t know what it is)