Feature request: disable annoying "this topic has been solved" pop-up

The title says it all. When I reply to a topic already marked as solved, I get this pop-up every single time:

It is very annoying. I know the topic is solved, but many questions here on URLO are of such a nature that further discussion and insights are often very useful and educational, even beyond an immediate solution to a specific coding problem. Several users, including myself, continue to have other relevant remarks and reply to follow-up questions even after a solution is selected.

I can understand why this not-so-gentle reminder could pop up once for every user who replies to a solved topic for the first time. But I find displaying it on every single such post to be overzealous, to put it mildly, and it also discourages potentially fruitful discussion.

To sum up: would it be possible to disable this, or at least limit it to a single appearance per user?


In case you aren't aware, note that the pop-up also specifies that all you need to do is hit the escape key to make it disappear. No need to move the mouse to that X button. I've got to say that I hadn't noticed the keyboard shortcut myself until now either.

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Sure, it's easy enough to cancel, so of course it doesn't prevent me from answering. The only problem with it is that it starts to get really annoying after some time, especially when I reply to a couple of topics in a row.

I hadn't noticed the keyboard ESC shortcut either. Perhaps in the end these notices are no worse than reviewing code that has been formatted to someone else's distinctly-not-mine Clippy customizations

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