Failed to lookup address information

I want to get the IP Address of a domain. It worked a few days ago and without changing anything it didn't work anymore.

pub fn get_ip(host: &str) -> Result<String, ExtractCodeError> {
    let mut s: String = String::new();

    let host: String = format!("{}:80", host);
    let addresses: std::vec::IntoIter<std::net::SocketAddr> = 
    for ip in addresses {
        match ip {
            std::net::SocketAddr::V4(ip4) => s = ip4.ip().to_string(),
            std::net::SocketAddr::V6(ip6) => error!("IPv6 Addresses are not supported, {}...", ip6.ip())
    info!("IP Address {} of domain{}", s, host);

Could not handle blacklight results: IOError(Custom { kind: Uncategorized, error: "failed to lookup address information: Name or service not known" })