Facebook tracking

I notice that my browser is blocking a Facebook tracker on some pages of this site. What is the purpose of the Facebook tracker here?

e.g. on this page


I see ##[title^="Share on Facebook"] get matched in uBlock, so I assume somewhere under the share options is normally a facebook option.

It is indeed:

Is sharing on Facebook a feature that users commonly need? I'm not a Facebook user, but I can't really see the purpose.

This is a standard “feature” of Discourse, the software that runs this forum. I don’t know if there’s an option to turn it off.

  1. There’s no Facebook scripts. It really is just a link.

  2. It can be turned off, if the forum admins want to.


Is the button image loaded from Facebook? That's a potential style of tracking.

Edit: the discourse issue says the icon is just from the font package.

I have no idea what is going on with Facebook here. Or any other creepy snoopers.

I would consider it a betrayal of trust if every time I hit this forum that information is relayed to Facebook or anyone else.


There are no requests sent to Facebook or any other third-party domains when loading pages in this forum (unless you switch the theme to “Material Dark” which loads some fonts from Google Fonts). You can verify this using the “Network” panel in your browser’s developer tools. The alert from the Facebook Container add-on is a false positive.



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