Extracting relative path in PathBuf

i have pathbuf which looks like this

let p :PathBuf = PathBuf::new("/path/to/file/file.txt"); // Here p has absolute path of file.txt

i want to create a new PathBuf variable from p which will have relative path

q : PathBuf = file/file.txt

How do i do this?

The most straightforward way to do this is with the Path::strip_prefix() method.

let path = Path::new("/test/haha/foo.txt");

assert_eq!(path.strip_prefix("/"), Ok(Path::new("test/haha/foo.txt")));
assert_eq!(path.strip_prefix("/test"), Ok(Path::new("haha/foo.txt")));
assert_eq!(path.strip_prefix("/test/"), Ok(Path::new("haha/foo.txt")));
assert_eq!(path.strip_prefix("/test/haha/foo.txt"), Ok(Path::new("")));
assert_eq!(path.strip_prefix("/test/haha/foo.txt/"), Ok(Path::new("")));

It's a purely text-based method though, and doesn't take into account symlinks and the like.


You could use an iterator for that maybe? Hard to guess what the underlying algorithm for extraction is with only your example.

use std::path::PathBuf;

fn main() {
    let p: PathBuf = PathBuf::from("/path/to/file/file.txt");
    let q: PathBuf = p.iter().skip(3).collect();
    assert_eq!(q, PathBuf::from("file/file.txt"));


Relative to what?

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