"extra args" from clap-rs

Is it possible to gather the arguments after a double hyphen with Clap:

$ myapp some_positional_argument -z --cool -- "--extra1 one" --extra2

I'm looking to get two extra arguments: --extra1 one and --extra2.

-- usually means end of options, so Clap won't parse past that.

You could run clap twice - once to get remaining args after --, and then second time to parse just them via https://docs.rs/clap/2.33.1/clap/struct.App.html?search=#method.get_matches_from

Okay, that's an interesting solution. Thank you for the suggestion!

I've been combing through the docs and I also just found the clap::Arg::last and clap::Arg::allow_hyphen_values functions which I might be able to combine to get the behavior I'm looking for...not sure yet.

Okay, I got the behavior I wanted from adding a new argument like this:

    //...all the normal arguments...

(and just for completeness) I can then get the values as Strings like this:

let extras: Vec<String> = match arg_matches.values_of("extras") {
    Some(iter) => iter.map(|it| it.into()).collect(),
    None => vec![]

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