Explicit language selection for app UI


digging through the crates.io, there seems to be tons of resources on the topic.
Searching for internationalization and/or localization brings insane amount of information and approaches.
There are very intricate problems that translating app to "local" language brings in, and that I don't care about at all for the specific simple use-case...

I am trying to find simple crate that would allow to:

  • not care about what the current system locale is

  • translate really simplistic strings in my app to various languages (no numbers, dates, plurals etc. insanities needed)

  • pick the explicit language and change it in runtime
    (i18embed "extension" to cargo-i18n seems not to have this option, or indirectly hides this use-case / i am not able to deduce it?)

  • bundle the resources (or write directly as a code) with compiled binary

Any tips/recommendations for something simple already working reasonably, that you use/know?

Or will i have to glue few things together a bit - in which case, would you recommend fluent-rs + rust-embed?

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