(expired) Paid Online Research: Rust Programmers’ On-board Programming Experience and Challenges

If you would like to participate, please send an email to rust (dot) penn state at gmail.com to request a link from us. The survey is temporarily closed from the link posted here, because we met a lot of bots!

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University are conducting a study to understand Rust programmers’ on-board programming experience and the challenges they face when programming with Rust. Throughout a survey link, you will answer questions about Rust programming and your programming experience. The survey will take about 20 minutes. You will earn a $10 Amazon gift card for completing the study.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are:
· At least 18 years old
· An active user of Rust
· Fluent in English
· Not currently be residing in the EEA

To participate, please click the following link:


Many research projects in human-centered computing depend on participation by individuals like yourself. We are very grateful for your help. Also, please DO NOT discuss this survey with others because this might jeopardize our research.

Thank you again for your participation in this study.
Any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Email: rust(dot)pennstate@gmail.com
Phone Number: +1 814 863 7566

You can also find the same announcement here from the Pennsylvania State University: Paid Online Research: Rust Programmers’ On-board Programming Experience and Challenges

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Excluding Rustaceans from Europe!

By the way, it's a bit suspicious that Penn State is using a gmail address.


As an admin, I can confirm that this account is in fact associated with a Penn State researcher.

@sfzhu93, for future surveys, you should consider hosting email and web resources at a psu.edu domain to make them easier to trust.


@ZiCog We also feel regretted that we couldn’t include Europeans, but we have to follow some regulations on human studies.

For the email address, we have applied for one from our institution, but in the end we found using a gmail is easier for us to collaborate...

@mbrubeck thank you so much for the explanation! I will update the question and offer an official page from my institution.

I have put a link of the announcement from PSU. We still more participants! Hope we can get more participants from here.

Looks like an interesting survey, and can help to improve Rust for better usability.

Worth taking part in.

For whom may curious about why Europeans are excluded: as a human study, it has to be approved by Institutional Review Board of Penn State. Because EEA has more requirements for privacy protection, it may take longer to get our IRB approved if we include people from EEA.

By the way, we still need more participants!


I'm new to Rust and I'm learning the language ad part of my school curriculum. I've done the survey, buy I did not receive the gift card. I don't particularly mind, but given that the email is suspicious... are you really a representative of Penn state? I've seen surveys before that advertise free money for easy participation. Feeling a bit vulnerable after providing my information (even though I'm super new to Rust :sob:).

Will you be making the data openly available when the survey is finished?

A moderator has already confirmed that this user is with Penn State. I'm not sure why you'd expect the gift cards to be sent immediately; I've never seen that be the case with paid surveys.

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Thanks for your participation! I will start working on the gift card job today. We usually collect a bunch of participants and contact financial staffs in our college, and they will send out the amazon gift card for us. My estimation is by next Tuesday, you will get your gift card... We probably will have a bunch of emails to go back and forth to get it done, so that's why it is slow.

It is unlikely that the data will be openly available, because of privacy issues. But you can find some observations/conclusions of the data if our paper of this experiment could be published in the future.

Our study has to follow regulations by IRB to protect participants' privacy. I am not super knowledgeable for this issue, but I guess we are not allowed to do so.

My apologies. I didn't see.

I'd just like to report that I have received a gift card in my inbox as of a few hours ago.

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I sent you an email about not receiving the gift card, but I wanted to add here that the email listed at the top is incorrect. It needs 2 'n' — not 'pen' but "penn' state. People, take this survey! It looks like it could really help, especially new users.


Some updates:

  1. about data sharing: some participants asked if we would share our data after the study. As a research project, we are happy to share our data, but I don't know more details about how we would share our data while keeping participants' privacy yet. I will ask my team about the specific requirements on this issue.
  2. about payment: we would try our best to give participants' gift cards as early as we can, however, in order to lure less bots, we can only guarantee that we will finish all the payment after we finish the study, which would be about one month later.
  3. we still need more participants to have a statistically significant result! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Wonderful! Thank you for keeping us posted about your process. I hope you gather more participants, and I will look forward to receiving the card (and hopefully seeing the data!) sometime in April.

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