Experience with web assembly consistency across different browsers


Just wondering if those of you using web assembly for front end projects, experience a consistent experience across different browsers. More interestingly, I am wondering whether the experience is more consistent than pure JavaScript across different browsers.

What do you mean by consistency?

Like sometimes the same code works in Chrome but not in Firefox. Wondering if the same is true for WASM or if it's better or worse.

The major difference between WebAssembly implementations in different browsers is their support for experimental features, which you can see here: Roadmap - WebAssembly

You may notice when compiling your Rust code that you may need to enable specific features, like theading. That means you'll have to change the rustflags section in your Cargo.toml. The set of features is AFAIK undocumented, but there are a few hints here and there:



Good luck in the rabbit hole!


Thanks for the info. Seems like a rabbit hole indeed.

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