Existential Associated Types


are existential associated types currently supported?

I seem to have triggered an ICE with this example.

Are there ways to make the example run right now?

I’ve reported an issue on GitHub as well!


The RFC for existential types is accpeted, but it isn’t completely implemented yet

Tracking issue:

existential types are a sub-part of the impl Trait tracking issue

I’m having difficulty understanding which part of the example is breaking - this simplified example works just fine.

Which example?

The one I linked in the first post. (see here)

As you can see, the compiler crashed (ICE means internal compiler error) because existential types are not yet completely implemented. You probably stumbled upon an edge case that hasn’t been implemented yet.

@ambiso FWIW when you see a nightly feature in general it’s safe to assume that it is not supported at that time.
Otherwise the feature in question would be stable :wink:

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