Exception table sections and plain sections

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I have created a small Rust program that I intend to call from C code running on a Nordic nRF52 SoC (cargo build target=thumbv7em-none-eabihf). I've built the program as a static library (crate-type = ["staticlib"]) having read the Rust embedded book a few times. I then add the resultant archive (lib.a) to a Segger IDE C based project. When I do, and then attempt to link, the Segger linker reports:

Exception table sections and plain sections cannot be mixed

Is the linker complaining about the presence of ARM.exidx.text sections in my Rust library archive?

If I build a static library in a similar fashion, but using C and from within the Segger IDE, then all is well. I suspect that I'm not setting up my Rust project correctly somehow.

Thanks for any pointers.

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Seems as though the problem was somehow related to Segger. I moved to the gcc toolchain and all appears well. :slight_smile:

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