Examples of "compartmental models in Rust?!

I'm an old hacker who has learned most as self taught. Several years ago I wrote several useful biological models using fortran-based languages, and most recently R. I'd like to update several of them to either Julia or Rust, primarily to take advantage of the speed gained from parallel computing. Just getting started but I suspect one major hurtle is to find libraries to numerically solve differential equations. What I need, most of all, are a couple of small examples of such compartmental models to use as templates therefore if anyone knows of such and could point me in that direction it would be most useful. Any constructive comments on Julia vs Rust also most welcome. Thx. J.

I made a simple compartmental epidemic model with different solvers and calibration, taking advantage of Rust's generics and using the crate nalgebra. (made after my 1st year of mathematics, with very little knowledge of differential calculus and numerical methods)

That is almost exactly what I need! Thanks a bunch, I will download and play around with it, see if I can get it to compile. This will almost certainly lead to more questions .... most grateful, J.

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