ESP8266 serial driver?

Does anyone know if there’s already a crate to use a ESP8266 (/ESP8285) WIFI through serial for an embedded project? Assuming it runs the standard AT firmware. Looking for abstractions for TCP clients/servers, pinging, and such.

Tried to search for it buut that mostly gave me links with regard to building firmware for the chip in rust, which is not what I’m trying to do at the moment, not yet at least. I just want to use networking from another microcontroller.

It’s probably not relevant for you anymore, but for those following along at home, maybe this is interesting:


thank you !

FWIW there’s also

Thanks for the shout out, I broke this code out into its own crate a few days ago

It is not fully tested since I don't have an esp8266 set up at the moment, but it should work since the old code did. If someone does end up using it and it works, let me know and I'll publish it on crates