Escaping in String macro?

Short Question: How can i escape in the format macro? Standard-Escaping don’t functioned like " \n.
The Standard Book says i should use {{ or }} to escape { or } but i want double quotes or cariage returns escpaed in an format macro? How does this functioned? Thx.

Can you post the code that doesn’t work? C-style escaping in strings should work fine:

fn main() {
    let message = format!("hello\nworld!");
    println!("{}", message);


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@cbiffle yes this don’t functioned:

format!("{} - \"{}\"","Test","Test with Double Quotes")

What do you want that to write? That code compiles, and it writes:

Test - "Test with Double Quotes"
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@ExpHP and @cbiffle
Sorry my fault, i have outputted with debug and give the debugged variable to another function: format("{:?}","this must be quotes") and the function received and debugged string. My old fault but there in a strange condition, no println (“ahhh whats that for an string, An debug string”), therefore an format! ("äh why he puts espaced characters, when i use not an debug function.). Smile sorry:).