Escape |-character in Askama


I am trying to use Rust-code in Askama... Take for example this:

{% if restaurant.opening_hours.as_ref().unwrap().iter().find(|x| x.is_day(day.to_string())) %}

This gives the following parsing error:

error: problems parsing template source at row 139, column 92 near:
       "(|x| x.is_day(day.to_string())) %}\n     "...

I think this is because of the |-character. Is there a way to escape this in Askama?

I'm not familiar with Askama but it looks like closures aren't supported (yet).

This is going even further out on a limb (since I have no idea what is possible), but for this particular case maybe you could build an iterator of (xs, copies_of_day) and have a function

fn is_xs_day(tuple: (&Whatever, &DaysType)) -> bool {

And then put that in the find:

{% if restaurant
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