Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Running on Ubuntu 20.04.6 I am no longer able to run cargo ( or rustup ), am getting the above error.

I don't THINK I did anything, it was working before, not sure what could have caused this.

I looked at some stackexchange fixes, but they didn't seem to work ( or explain what the error means, why it can happen ).

Any suggestions?

Ubuntu 20.04 is very old and outdated, I would guess that it doesn't have a new enough OpenSSL (libssl) after upgrading rustup or cargo any more. Consider upgrading to 22.04 (current LTS). 24.04 (the next LTS) will be released later this spring.

Maybe there is a backport or package you could install, not sure.

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Thanks. It turned out that

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

was enough to get it working again. I guess you are right, I probably did update Rust a few days ago but didn't check it was working afterwards and only just noticed.

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