Error using the openssl crate on Android (Flutter FFI)


I'm trying to compile a crate as a cdylib which depends on openssl on Android.

I've no problem compiling using PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_CROSS=1 OPENSSL_STATIC=1 cargo build --target i686-linux-android

but when loading the library (from Flutter FFI) I got the following error:

Failed to load dynamic library (dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "BIO_new" referenced by "/data/app/com.bloom42.bloom-DGdvbdkpe0vm2h86DsYL6Q==/lib/x86/"...)

Using i686-linux-android-objdump -p target/i686-linux-android/debug/ | rg NEEDED I got:


So openssl seems successfully statically linked.

but running i686-linux-android -nm -u target/i686-linux-android/debug/ | rg BIO returns:

       U BIO_clear_flags
         U BIO_ctrl
         U BIO_free_all
         U BIO_new
         U BIO_new_mem_buf
         U BIO_s_mem
         U BIO_set_flags

So it appears that the symbols (from openssl) are unknown...

Any idea?

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