Error message displayed when i 'wasm-pack build'

You're using the asm! macro, which is a nightly-only feature. On top of that, the entire macro was recently replaced by one that can actually be stabilized, with different syntax. That's why you're getting the error message.

If you want to continue using the old asm! macro, I think it was renamed to asm_llvm! or something similar.

The error is coming from clear_on_drop, not their code. A patch release of that crate has removed the old macro, so theoretically a cargo update should fix it.

i still have this problem after i run 'cargo update'

may be you are right but i dont know how to rename it,can you help me or teach me ? thank you !

Can you post your Cargo.toml? You need to be using version at least 0.2.4 of clear_on_drop.

you can view this link stateless-blockchain/Cargo.toml at master · paritytech/stateless-blockchain · GitHub

how to update the version of clear_on_drop

Try adding

clear_on_drop = "0.2.4"

If this does not work, then you are running into trouble due to your use of git dependencies. In that case, you will need an [patch] section to replace the version of clear_on_drop.

ok ,thank you ! let me try

error displayed: failed to parse manifest at '/home/ubantu/stateless-blockchain/Cargo.toml
caused by: could not parse input as TOML
caused by: redefinition of table 'dependencies for key dependencies at line 105 column1

Did you read the error message? You need to add it to your other dependencies.

i am so sorry, let me try again! thank you very much!

failed to select a version for 'clear_on_drop' which could resolve this conflict

What is the full error? You are likely running into git trouble as I described earlier.

thank you ,i am busy now,i will shown the full error tomorrow,ok?
maybe can you write this solution in detail?
thank you very much!

the full error displayed as:

One of your dependencies require clear_on_drop to be version exactly 0.2.3, so you will have to use [patch] as I talked about before to trick it that version 0.2.4 is actually version 0.2.3

please tell me how to use patch? like 'dependencies',adding it to Cargo.toml? I just got in touch and don’t understand, please bear with me

Here's the relevant part in Cargo documentation: Overriding Dependencies - The Cargo Book