Error in Spanish Community page


I tried to see the link of the community page in Spanish but I appeared an error page with an orange crab with the following text:.

“Something went terribly wrong!
I was just minding my own business and now I’m over here on an error page!
Can you help make this site better?”

I comment so that they can solve it.

The link is:



“en-ES” doesn’t look like the right link - English from Spain?

This one seems to work:

Do you remember where your link came from?


Thanks dtolnay!

Look at the link that points to the item “Comunidad” on the page you passed me: “”. As you will see, it is a mistake in the design of the page. I just tried to give notice. The way to solve that error is beyond my means.


The way to solve that error is beyond my means.

It’s not that hard. I think it’s just the matter of fixing these lines:

You can even do this kind of edit directly in your browser (assuming you have a github account) – just follow that link and click “edit” (the pencil icon). Github will then create a branch and a pull request for you.


I know. But I’m not a RUST developer.


Hello @raynux! It looks like the page been fixed. Thanks for reporting it!