Error in documentation

Hi there is a glitch in the documentation at: part comparing the guess with secret number

The book instead write it correctly



You should be more clear about what you mean. Even reading the whole thing in your screenshot, I couldn’t find the error you were hinting at; even if there is an error, you should pinpoint it exactly, explain it, and probably also provide a link to the page instead of just a screenshot.

In case you’re referring to the “A👍%” as a “glitch”, that part is intentional. You can indeed not parse that string as a number, e.g.

fn main() {
    let s = "A👍%";
    match s.parse::<i32>() {
        Ok(n) => println!("successfully parsed: {n}"),
        Err(e) => println!("error parsing {s:?}: {e}"),

will print

error parsing "A👍%": invalid digit found in string

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