error[E0432]: unresolved import `simple_simplex` even though i did import it

i installed the crate using Cargo Build, here is the offending code:

use simple_simplex::NoiseConfig;

I tried using:

extern crate simple_simplex

i am getting the same type of error, i am using Rust 2021, and rustup update did nothing.

What is the contents of Cargo.toml ?

rand = "0.8.4"
macroquad = "0.3.13"
simple-simplex = "1.0.3"
libm = "0.2.2"

there is more, but this is what you want, i think.

OOPS, i accidently made the last comment i made the solution, please ignore it!

OK, there was a glitch where VC Code would not save cargo .toml when i added the library,

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