Error: 258 when running cargo test

I'm running around 1100 integration tests for a project using cargo test with show-output and one test thread

cargo test -- --test-threads=1 --show-output

(The single test thread is a constraint of the source from which the tests are generated, so outside the scope of something that can be easily changed at present)

I notice that around 400 tests in, errors are emitted to the output of the form

test test_name ... error: 258 0 0x1f346b7b170
error: 258 0 0x1f346a4a100
error: 258 0 0x1f345705590
error: 258 0 0x1f346a4a100
error: 258 0 0x1f345705590
error: 258 0 0x1f34617f3f0
error: 258 0 0x1f346a3dcc0
error: 258 0 0x1f343e73ac0
error: 258 0 0x1f345070360
error: 258 0 0x1f345a48d80
error: 258 0 0x1f34506cda0

Some observations:

  1. these look like memory addresses
  2. error output is sporadically seen, so may happen for 1, 2, or 3 tests, then following 3 tests may not show error output, then error output might be seen for 1, then not for 2, etc.
  3. tests that do show error output appear to pass
  4. when running a subset of tests that includes ones that emit error output, the error output is not seen

Any suggestions for what might be causing this? I noticed that with increasing error output, the execution of subsequent tests appears to gradually become slower.

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