Enoki - who would like to work on something like that?

Now that Mitsuba 2 is released I really would like to find some people being interested in implementing something like Enoki in Rust. I don‘t have the skills to do this on my own, but it would be cool to work with some of the Rust experts on such a things and learn from them. I do know a lot about rendering though where things like Enoki might be the next big step forward for researchers.

Actually yes. However bullet does not support loops or arrays yet.

I would be interested in creating / joining a research project to build something like this in Rust.

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I'd like to see such a research project too, just not sure how much I could contribute. But: Are there others interested in creating / joining such a project? I don't know how to initiate the next steps towards such a thing ...

@wahn I currently have no direct need for such an engine, but that might change again in the future.

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