Emoji in code blocks

One more time the emoji appearing in the code (or, in this case, in the backtrace) caught my eye:

This make me want to ask, is there any way to disable emoji autoinsertion in some cases? Given the syntax Rust is using for modules and the naming convention (snake-case), possibility of such collisions is not low at all.

It shouldn’t do that in an actual code block, indented by at least 4 spaces or surrounded by ```.

0: std::sys::unix::backtrace::tracing::imp::unwind_backtrace
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I see, thanks (not sure why I haven’t tested this myself). Then how we are supposed to post the backtraces, like in the linked post? They are to be treated as code, too?

Yes, I would use code blocks for backtraces. I believe the indented form is always shown as plain text, without syntax highlighting, but that’s annoying when you just want to paste a bunch. You can specify text with triple quotes too, like:


Yupp, you can even disable highlighting by using ```plain as opening fence.

Got it, thanks!

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