Embedded esp edf template unable to build on m1 chip

Are there people here who are able to build the esp edf template on an m1 chip? I am having some issues with it for quite some time and I want to get into embedded programming but it’s quite difficult if I can’t even build the project. I could be doing something wrong but I have no clue what.

:white_check_mark: rust installed, :white_check_mark: cargo-generate, ldproxy, espup, espflash, cargo-espflash installed, :white_check_mark: nightly toolchain installed and set as default, :white_check_mark:espup installation and export, :white_check_mark: just generated project (no changes in the template), :x: able to build project. gist link of the latest error unable to build to build esp edf template on m1 mac · GitHub

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