Embed/FFI Java or Python or Perl code or Class


Hi All

I am not sure if there is FFI for Java, python, perl etc. languages. I see there is a way to implement ffi for c & c++ libraries. But is there a way to use Java JAR Files in Rust. you might want ask why do i want to do that ? I want Rust to be my production code, but currently there are no libraries that can handle MS SQL Server/Sybase or Oracle and i am not sure if corporation are ready to do this yet! but if Rust needs to concur all corporations in a way C, C++ or Java then it needs minimum libraries which can compete with existing Kings!
So was wondering if there is way for me to use Java DB Drivers or libraries where avaiable!

Thoughts and suggestions ?



There is a crate called tiberius which provides a TDS driver for Microsoft SQL Server. You can also keep an eye on awesome-rust which is a mostly up-to-date tracker of resources including various database libraries.


is there any common library like DBI ? or odbc drivers