Email update error in email confirming phase of sign up

When signing up, in email confirming phase, I faced a permission problem which is when I trying to change my email address, (I wrote the wrong address at first) permission for email update is denied several times so I signed up again by another email address from the very first phase of sign up.

Is this issue already reported?

I think you are having trouble with rust the game ( This is a forum for rust the programming language ( Please post your question on the appropriate place for rust the game.

If you used the wrong email address here, the account with an unreachable email will be deleted soon automatically. Don't worry about it

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Sorry but, I’m pure software developer and I had issue with this site.

Thank you! However, I thought it’s bug and should fixed. I just tried to report it.

Sorry, my bad. We get people confusing this forum with a forum for rust the game once in a while. I mistakenly assumed you were one of them.

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