Emacs/LSP/rust-analyzer last releases issue

I haven't been using emacs+rust in last couple of months. I just updated to latest rust-analyzer/LSP and every type hint stopped working, even the simplest one.
I'm getting this message when I use auto completion:
company-call-backend-raw: Company: backend company-capf error "Wrong type argument: listp, t" with args (post-completion from(…) (as From))

Anyone seeing something similar ?
Anyone using latest lsp/rust-analyzer and everything working ok ?

I don't use Emacs any more, and I don't know how to fix the company issue.

Just FYI, the lsp-mode has some breaking changes related to inlay hints recently.

Thanks a lot, this fixes inlay type hints.
Post completion still doesn't work and trows the same errors though.

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