Eframe and system menu

I am doing it the "simple" way and using eframe for my program. So far, I can figure out most things I want to do, just by reading the egui_demo_app code, what I have learned in the book and here on *URLO
I grep the source, and google and find the obvious egui menu examples. But I want modify the "System Menu". Is this "easy" and am just missing something, or "complicated" and that is why I can't figure it out?

A case of X != Y
Or being stuck in the past. I was trying to implement the standard menus from decades ago, (File:New,Open,Save... Edit:Cut, Copy, Paste) and make the system show it in the menu bar. But of course ?nobody? uses those types of menus anymore. my phone says, "what's a menu"
I just removed the entire concept of using a menu from my project.
Of course, I still am stuck in the past so I might still have a ctrl-q shortcut to "quit".

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