Effective way to create 2 bit numbers?

I really like how Rust lets You do low-level things like decide how many bits your numbers use, But you can only choose between 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 bit numbers, A variable I am using has only four possible values, so how could I make it the equivalent to a u2?

It is not possible to address less than a byte using Rust. (Just like it is not possible to manipulate less than a byte on basically any modern computer architecture.)

Generally, if you want to semantically express a choice out of a number of possibilities, you should use an enum, which will be checked at compile time to only ever contain one of its specified variants.


If you're willing to write out all the possible bit strings (so definitely not for "all even 64-bit numbers") then you can make those enum variants and get a custom validity invariant through that.

See this hack, for example:


That example is from the core Library, right?

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