Easy rust reading for newbies

guys, anyone there finding it "tough" to follow the official book can try this one

Easy Rust



Thanks for posting this. This is helpful! I was not aware of this book.

The same author created a whole set of free, easy to follow, training videos, too.

Easy Rust Training Videos

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Check also A Gentle Introduction To Rust.

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Thanks for the tip on the Gentle Introduction to Rust. He has some funny one liners in there for extra entertainment. :grinning:

I'd also recommend Introduction - Rust By Example

Thank you for letting us know about "Rust by Example". That's very cool that you can run the code right inside the book with the run button.

Thx a lot for the tips here!
Im an engineering student who has mostly used Python until a few days ago. My recent course in numerical analysis inspired me to learn a ”harder” language.

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