Dynamic and static analyzers for no_std environments?

So I really, really would love a nice static analyzer to run over my embedded crate (currently x86) but:

  1. Miri apparently requires a hosted environment, which I obviously don't have, and so I can't use it; and
  2. MIRAI doesn't build for Rust nightly, and I'd rather not tie myself to any particular Rust release -- I like my project to flow along with rust releases.

So is there a good static analyzer like miri or mirai for embedded development?

Miri is a dynamic analyzer, MIRAI is static. Perhaps you're looking for something like Clippy?

I already use clippy in my commit workflow; if clippy fails, the code can't be committed. It would be nice to be able to use a dynamic analyzer though. I should rename this topic to generalize the question since I'm looking for a way to use a dynamic and static analyzer in my code.

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