What the...?
dyn_into:: &ltweb_sys::HtmlCanvasElement&gt().map_err(|_|{}) .unwrap();

Error:"dyn_into not found for web_sys::Element"

Playin trying to play with wasm, done so in the past and this always worked.... now, not so much. Im super frustrated. anyone know whats up?

(And yes my toml file includes web_sys,js_ys and wasm_bindgen)

Do you have JsCast in scope?

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:scream: ummm...errrr,,,Well yea bruh of course man,pfffft, what do you think i am, st00pid or something, duh, thats totes what i got goin on. in muh code. man. :grimacing: :tired_face: :crazy_face: . . .

(dont i feel stupid right about now... thanks friend @s3bk)

Haha we all make that mistake, starting out. No need to feel dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

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