.dSYM not created for cargo bench?

I'm trying to profile the benchmark executable.

In my Cargo.toml I have [profile.release] debug = true.

I'm running ./target/release/$name-of-benchmark-file-$hash --bench in Xcode Instruments. It can see the symbols, but it can't find source code for them. I only get function names, but I don't get annotated source code.

What do I need to do to get the .dSYM generated for benchmarks?

[profile.bench] debug = true i think. :-/

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I found .dSYM in ./target/release/deps folder, but it seems not suitable for Instruments.
When I specified sSYM path via "File -> Symbols..." menu, I got the following error .

The specified path didn't locate a dSYM for any of the selected libraries.

Does anyone know how we can see source code on Instruments?
There are a few blog articles and tweets about how to see source code in rust on Instruments two years ago, but now I could not succeeded it.
Did the latest Instruments change some specifications for viewing source code?