Drawing images in OpenGL app

  1. I admit this is more of a 'what library should I use question' than a 'Rust question', but the entire app is in Rust and I'm hoping for pointers / guidance on this.

  2. I have a Rust/x86/OpenGL (using glow) app running on Linux. Currently, I am using one vertex shader, one fragment shader, and one texture (for fonts).

  3. I now need to figure out an efficient way to display one off images. These images are always drawn orthographically, not rotated. Think how octave / matlab / iPython would draw an image. That's all what I need.

  4. Currently, the only way I can figure out how to do this is to (1) upload image as a texture, (2) modify shaders to special case dumb-drawing an image, and (3) using the OpenGL pipeline.

  5. Is there a better way to approach this problem? Given that these images are always drawn parallel to the x/y axis, I'm wondering if there is some special case route besides the more general texture approach.


That is the correct one, however I would use a second shader for images.

What are you building? There may be more elegant solutions with most problems solved already.

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