Downloading versioned nightly builds


I'm currently doing a Buildroot env and need to integrate my Rust Project into it. Buildroot currently offers me rust stable 1.33.0 which cant even parse the current Cargo.toml and I need nightly anyway.

Buildroot has components called packages, and rust (and rust-bin) are in there. rust-bin currently downloads .

In this case the SITE_URL is and the filename for rustc rustc-1.33.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.xz. I didn't find any nightly variant for 1.49.0, 1.48.0 or a bit older ones by adding the nightly with various variants to it.

My current solution is to replace the version number with a date which results in such a url: . I added the ?$(RUST_BIN_VERSION) to the filename, so the downloaded file is kinda still a versioned name.

My question is whether there is a proper versioned url available to use instead of the above. I imagine something along those lines (which don't exist yet and I tried a few others as well):

There's no single nightly that corresponds to a stable release. The closest might be the last nightly before it branched to beta, but there may still be backports to the beta branch before it finally reaches stable.

Thanks for the heads up. Then I got this wrong I guess. The versioning by date seems to work now anyway. Only needer to add a .tar.xz at the end so Buildroot would play well with it.

Even with stable, Buildroot is only at Rust ~1.31.0 und cargo 0.26.0 (current is 0.49.0). They used to get the vendored files from fedoraproject and they also don't seem to ship anything later than Cargo 0.26.0. Has to vendor and host it manually. But it all works now.

I happen to be the Fedora maintainer for the Rust toolchain, but I have no idea what Buildroot is doing. Originally, I had packaged cargo as its own srpm, up to 0.26.0 in fact, but starting with rust-1.25.0-3.fc29 we started building it as a subpackage of the rust srpm.

They did download the rust binaries, std and cargo in their rust-bin package. After that they got cargo 0.26.0 source from GitHub and the vendor files from https// Rebuilt cargo with it and used that (I don't think that they did it for rustc, though).

Looking at the repo, the code was removed after the 2020.05.x release. I think I updated my buildroot to that version a while ago. So the current code doesn't depend on anymore.

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