"Downlevel flags VIEW_FORMATS are required but not supported on the device."

I am using (Arch)Linux and I am currently using the Blue Engine

And I have a very simple project:

use blue_engine::{header::{Engine, Renderer, ObjectStorage, /*ObjectSettings,*/ WindowDescriptor, PowerPreference}, Window};

fn main()
    println!("Hello, world!");

    let mut engine = Engine::new(); // This is where it screws up

As soon as I add this line let mut engine = Engine::new(); it "panics" with this error message:

Hello, world!
[2023-05-07T10:19:28Z ERROR wgpu::backend::direct] Handling wgpu errors as fatal by default
thread 'main' panicked at 'wgpu error: Validation Error

Caused by:
    In Device::create_texture
      note: label = `Default Texture`
    Downlevel flags VIEW_FORMATS are required but not supported on the device.
This is not an invalid use of WebGPU: the underlying API or device does not support enough features to be a fully compliant implementation. A subset of the features can still be used. If you are running this program on native and not in a browser and wish to work around this issue, call Adapter::downlevel_properties or Device::downlevel_properties to get a listing of the features the current platform supports.

"Downlevel flags VIEW_FORMATS are required but not supported on the device." It looks like I might need to disable the VIEW_FORMATS flag or something? In the previous version of blue engine it would work fine on the exact same computer and OS but the current version has this issue.

I got another person with a different computer to run the project and it works fine for him so not too sure why all of a sudden its not working for me?

I am using amdgpu drivers, not raedeon drivers.

That error message means that the engine is now using a graphics feature that your computer/graphics card doesn't support.

The engine must have been updated to use a new feature, when previously it only used features your graphics card supported, causing it to break after the update.

The only way around it would be to have the author of Blue Engine either:

  1. Not use the feature because it isn't supported on all graphics cards.
  2. Check whether or not the graphics card supports the feature, and only use the feature if it is supported.

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