DOM Attribute Type Library -- Looking for Feedback

Hey all. I'm looking for people to contribute/review a project that I'm working on. It's a type library for DOM attributes, to be used when writing wasm. The basic idea is to leverage Rust's static type system to make handling DOM attributes less error prone than simply passing strings. I chose this because I'm a beginner at Rust and I thought it was a simple task to work on but one that would give me plenty of chances to learn more about how to effectively use the language. At this point I've progressed enough that I'm ready to have some more experienced eyes look at it and give me some feed back (or for people who want to contriubte). The current form leaves a lot to be desired and includes some really poor attempts at writing my first macros. Please be kind to me :grin:

Here's a link to the git repo: GitHub - toadslop/domatt: Rust type definitions for HTML attributes and their values for use in WASM applications.

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