Does tokio::udp::UdpSocket.connect guarantee that all packets from remote_addr hit the socket?

Context: UdpSocket in tokio::net - Rust

XY problem: I want to create a udp socket, then fire off a new async task for each remote_addr that talks to the socket (with a timeout of say, kill the task if no msg for 3 minutes).

The documentation for connect states:

Connects the UDP socket setting the default destination for send() and limiting packets that are read via recv from the address specified in addr

This is great, but I need something stronger -- namely that all udp packets that are from given remote_addr are guaranteed to hit this socket.

One can imagine a layout that looks something like this:

async fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
    let sock = UdpSocket::bind("").await?;
    let mut buf = [0; 1024];
    loop {
        let (len, addr) = sock.recv_from(&mut buf).await?;
        creates a new task, based on remote_addr, use connect;

My concern is: can the "recv_from" from the original sock consume packets meant for the task dedicated to remote_addr ?

The answer is whatever the OS guarantees. Note that even if the answer was yes, you would still need to handle the case where a second packet arrives before you could create the task-specific socket.

On Linux, which man pages do you recommend ?

Well, this is UDP right? We can just pretend that packet didn't arrive ...

man socket I'd say.

Fair point.

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