Does the rust compiler have support for MacOS 10.1.2

Hello, I was wondering if the rust compiler has support for this version of MacOS

Do you really mean 10.1 ("Puma"), the version released in 2001, or is that a typo?

The platform support page says 64-bit macOS (10.7+, Lion, x86_64-apple-darwin) is a tier 1 platform and guaranteed to work. It doesn't sound like they guarantee anything earlier, but I'd try installing Rust with rustup anyway and find out.

I remember them dropping support for some versions of MacOS a while back because Apple stopped supporting them. Couldn't tell you which specific versions they were, though.

That were all 32bit targets:

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i mean the one from 2001

I don't think Rust ever supported PowerPC-based macOS, so none of the official releases will work on Mac OS X that old. Rust does support PowerPC for other targets, so it could theoretically be possible to make a version targeting older Macs, but there's nothing out of the box.

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There is unofficial port with support for Windows 95, thus I don't see why MacOS 10.1 wouldn't be supported by some unofficial build.

But since PowerPC Macs were deprecated waaay before Rust 1.0 release that is something retro-community would have to provide, I don't expect anything like that in official compiler.

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